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Designer, artist, animator, get the idea ;)

Pluff is a mixed media digital experience, consisting of a sensor-laden stuffed animal and accompanying on-screen game. Users could hug, pet, roll, and toss the stuffed Pluff to interact with it, and an onscreen Pluff would respond with animation and sound.

Pluff was my master's thesis project at USC. The project started as an exploration of e-textiles and their potential uses for interface devices (game controllers, etc) to heighten emotional engagement. Over time, the project grew into funded research into possible adaptations of the platform for children on the autism spectrum. Pluff was showcased at the 2009 USC Interactive Media and Games Thesis Show, IndieCade's 2009 E3 exhibition, and a 3-day conference at the Shafallah Center in Doha, Qatar.

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